Layered Taco Salad

After much moaning and bitching, the weather gods were probably keen to shut my pie hole and brought some much-needed sun & heat. Hourah!

So the gluten-free chickpea patties that I made in the previous post were put to the test last week when I made Isa´s chickpea piccata, one of our household favourites.

And how did it turn out?


Unfortunately that experiment was an enthusiastic ¨meh¨.

Oh well, on to things that DID work.

With the warmer weather, we naturally switched to lighter fare for dinner. I wanted something quick and easy and I came up with this layered taco salad (I took inspiration from the many bloggers who recently tried their hand at layered taco salad).

The nice thing about taco salads is that they are endlessly adaptable. Mine was made with the following layers:

*tortillas (I lightly sprayed mine with oil and put them in the oven to crisp up for a few minutes at 160°C)
*salsa (store-bought)
*brown rice
*Isa´s unfried refried beans (from Appetite for Reduction)
*homemade salsa, made with tomatoes, red peppers avocado and a squeeze of lime juice
*cashew sour cream

Now, I didn´t really follow a recipe for this – I just piled on whatever I had on hand. The cashew cream was made with soaked cashews from the freezer, water (just enough to make the cashews creamy, mine was too watery), lemon juice and salt.

…and with the cashew cream


How are you beating the heat?

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