The Return of the Mythical Yellow Ball

The sun has finally come back after a LONG hiatus. Apparently the jet stream is further north than usual for this time of year, bringing doom and gloom to our shores. However, things are apparently going to turn for the better this coming week. Hourah! This means of course that I will be making more summer weather type of dishes (and finally parking those thick, wintery stews for a bit). All family members were relishing in the rays:

What better way to celebrate the arrival of warmer weather than to make a light, saucy pasta and burger and fries?

Earlier this week, I whipped up a batch of Happy Herbivore´s Instant Alfredo. This was the first time that I tried it. It was such a nice alternative to the heavier cashew cream-based sauces I made in the past. Plus, it came together super quick. I did make a few adjustments to this recipe:

  • I replaced the 1/2 C nutritional yeast with 1 t marmite (noosh gives my hubby the tummy rumblies)
  • I fried up 250 g mushrooms and tossed 1 mushroom broth cube into the sauce
  • I did not use veggie parmesan – the broth, mushrooms and marmite made a flavourful dish that I feel did not require add-ons

It turned out superbly! I bet this recipe would also make a yummy cream of mushroom soup too. I also used spelt pasta for the first time – very nice compared to whole wheat. I think spelt will now be our new house favourite:

For the burgers and fries, I turned to the Vegan Queen herself, Ms Isa Chandra Moskowitz. I tried her quarter pounder beet burger with her garlic curry fries.

OK, not the most glam shot I could take but I was a hungry lady! The burger was truly excellent – great texture and taste. I am sure it would be fab on the grill too. Once again, Isa Chandra did not disappoint. I had made the curry fries before. They are such a treat and well worth the effort!

Next up is an update on Experiments with Bread.

Enjoy your weekend!

2 responses to “The Return of the Mythical Yellow Ball

  1. The recipe for the alfredo calls for vegan parmesan (though it’s not on the ingredients list). Do you know what this is/have you ever found it?

    Also… thanks for reminding me. I’ve been meaning to try those beet burgers on the bbq!

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