Bringing the sexy back (to pizza)

Greetings gentle readers!

Forgive me for my absence. We have been bogged down with new furniture acquisition and assembly (no, it is not from IKEA).

During this time, I have been making a slew of things which I will be sharing. One of which is pizza.

My husband had been missing pizza a lot lately. So he asked me whether I could concoct something that was reminiscent to the cheesy pizzas of dinners past.

That´s when things got sexy.

Meet Brian Patton, aka the Sexy Vegan. His show is a howl and hey, his recipes are great too! Brian´s got a great pizza recipe that got me started with my own creation. I thought his crunchy and fast pizza crust looked great so I started with that. I did not have cornmeal so I made mine with masa harina and rice flour.

Since I was in the mood for a tomato based pizza, I added some of Brendan Brazier´s tomato sauce (from his book Thrive) for the base, then topped everything off with sautéed veg and Isa Chandra´s pine nut cream. If you have never made her famous pine nut cream, you have simply never lived!

Aaaaaaaannnnd here it is!

Pizza before pine nut cream topping

with pine nut cream

the finished product!

What is your favourite pizza recipe?

4 responses to “Bringing the sexy back (to pizza)

  1. I’ve been making loads of pizzas, and love the Sexy Vegan’s crust recipe. Usually, I just skip cheese or anything standing in its place. Sometimes I make a pesto sauce base (on the cheap, with pumpkin seeds and a few cashews rather than pine nuts), and roasted veggies. Who needs cheese when everything already comes out nice and risk and the right kind of chewy!? But then sometimes I crave ‘traditional’ pizza. My biggest recent success was tomato sauce (my lowbrow recipe of ketchup, tomato paste and mixed herbs – it’s always on hand!), tempeh bacon (left over from a brunch recipe), green peppers, mushrooms, and onions. This time did call for cheese. Do you have Daiya? It’s not uber amazing, but it’s pretty good and melts nicely. This totally hit the spot for that take out pizza craving.

    • Dang! We don´t have Daiya! I always wondered what it tasted like. Since you are on the other side of the pond, be on the lookout for ¨Beyond Meat¨. Apparently it is so realistic-tasting that it fooled Mark Bittman!

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