A hot, thai mess

Where has the time gone?!? I am working through my back-logged posts so I have a late summer dish to present to you.

Summer is long gone over here in the Netherlands (or better yet, did winter actually leave in the first place?). We had some pretty gruesome weather (again!). However, we did have a slight warm spell in August. That is when we frantically dusted off the BBQ and got grillin´.

I had some thai red curry paste kicking around in the fridge so I decided to make some skewers with courgettes, aubergines, red peppers and cherry tomatoes. I ad-libbed a sauce made from thai curry paste, peanut butter and indonesian ketjap (sweet soy sauce) in about equal proportions (in a spreadable consistency but thick enough to stick to the veg).

So I made a bucket-loads of skewers. It is safe to say that I can totally recommend making this – so yum! The grilling caramelised the sauce and veg beautifully:

Thai-inspired skewers, aching to get grilled


So I ended up having a bunch of left-overs so I thought they would work really well in a curry. I started with roasting about 2-3 T of thai red curry paste in a pan (until fragrant, about a minute), threw in a can of low-fat coconut milk and veg broth, added some additional peanut better and ketjap (to taste), a tin of chickpeas, broccoli florets and fresh coriander:

The resulting hot thai mess

The resulting dish is not quite thai, not quite indonesian so I am calling it my hot thai mess. I like!

The plated dish, with indonesian pindas (spicy peanuts)

3 responses to “A hot, thai mess

  1. One of the staples of Thai cooking is oyster sauce, another is fish sauce, neither of which is vegan…. BUT never fear! I discovered a substitute this summer while down home! And it IS a down home solution: dulce! Take a bit of dried dulce, chop (about 1/4 – 1/3 cup chopped), pur 1/2 cups boiling water over and steep for 30 minutes. Use the resulting dulce “tea” (the liquid component) as an oyster or fish sauce substitute (in about the same quantities as called for in your recipe, or maybe a bit more to taste). Really healthful too!

    • That is genius, Christine! What a fab idea! Luckily I just bought some dulse the other day so I will definitely try this and let you know how it turns out.

      • I hope it works. You may have to fiddle with the quantities to get it right, but it will come right. You can also throw the soaked dulce into the meal. I made a fabulous Thai stirfried greens with Swiss Chard and dulce this way.

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