Canadian Thanksgiving ideas

It is almost “turkey day” in my country of birth!

Celebrating Canadian thanksgiving as an expat is a win-win situation, namely because it involves inviting a slew of friends over to eat great food and get rip-roaring drunk, all without the uncomfortable chaos that family gatherings can entail. No drunken uncle flirting shamelessly with your friends and no screaming children. Excellent all around.

We celebrated Thanksgiving a little early this year, all without the bird of course! Unfortunately we were all so busy hoovering dinner that I did not manage to take pics. So I thought instead, I would give you some tips in case any of you might be looking for some inspiration for this year’s festivities.

¨Thanksgiving without ze meat, pas possible!¨, you may say. But I have got some sites that just might change your mind:

1. The Post Punk Kitchen

fulfilling all of your vegan needs since 2003

Isa is always cooking up something goooood! In fact, this year I made her roasted potato and fennel soup to start, followed by cauliflower and mushroom pot pie with black olive crust from Veganomicon, with a side of steamed beans, finished with a slice of pumpkin cheesecake. Divine!

Isa’s got a whole “thanksgiving” category so get searching!

2. Vegetarian Society (UK)

These guys have great recipes (even a cookery school called ¨Cordon Vert¨). You can browse their recipe database and select for casual dining or even gourmet recipes. I have tried several of their nut roasts and they are fantastic, especially paired with a wine reduction or a creamy gravy. Or how about their awesome-looking chestnut bourgignon pie?

3. VegNews

VegNews have a great recipe database as well. Search for ¨thanksgiving¨ and you will be rewarded with all sorts of great recipe ideas. For example, I insist that you try the two “cheese” lasagna. It is simply the best lasagna recipe I have ever made. EVAH. The omnivorous relatives were all over it like a rash.

Oh yeah, and if anyone wants to make a vegan meringue pie for their dinner table this year, why not wow ’em with this recipe?

What are your favourite animal-friendly meals for the holidays?

4 responses to “Canadian Thanksgiving ideas

  1. These are also some of my favorites. Thanks for sharing! And thank you for “liking” my recent post, “Dark Chocolate Brownies”. Keep on blogging and Happy Thanksgiving! Many blessings. –Melanie

  2. I went quite traditional. Totally cheated on the ‘meat’ though, just using a fake turkey cutlet from the freezer section of the health food store on the corner. Otherwise, it was all Isa (and a little Terry)… polenta stuffing and chickpea gravy from AFR, and shredded parsnip and beet salad in pineapple vinaigrette from Veganomicon. Peas and mashed potatoes. Easy peasy, tasty, and classic.

    • Dawn, that sounds incroyable!!! I want my invite for your next Thanksgiving dinner. Haha! xx

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