Road trip to Amsterdam to see Terry Hope Romero!

I was super excited to learn that THE vegan nerdista cookbookista herself, Miss Terry Hope Romero, was coming to Amsterdam on 25 October! So my friend Myriah and I decided to brave the crowded commuter train, amongst flatulent and loud youth, sweaty and pungent business folks and high-pitched, giggly 20-something girls, to attend the launch of Terry´s new cookbook, Vegan Eats World.

As I mentioned previously, I was one of many testers recruited by Terry to try out her recipes. Some of the highlights that I made from her book were:

Ethiopian chickpea eggs

Flying massaman curry

sauerkraut mushroom soup with sour dilly cream and coriander rye muffins

skillet naan

And so on, and so on…

Here are a few photos of the evening. Terry made gyros seitan and banana chocolate cheesecake for us to try – DELISH! And guess who was too busy scarfing down her food to take a picture of her offerings?

Terry busy in the kitchen!

Somewhat blurry image of Terry in action

What a great night!

I told you in the last post that I would elaborate on my Ezekiel bread experiment. Well, I am not quite there yet as you can see (however, certain members of my household do not seem to mind what the bread looks like). When Mormel gets small pieces of bread, she acts like she hasn´t eaten in a month!

Ezekiel bread – attempt no 1

The texture and taste were great but the size was too small to make sandwiches

So I am going to tweak some more and post it when I nailed it…..hopefully this weekend. Making appropriate offerings to the bread gods this evening.


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