Farinata, where have you been all my life?!?

How can something be so simple be so good?

This was what I was asking myself when I was examining the ingredient list for farinata. For those amongst you who do not know what farinata is (I sure as heck did not!), check out its Wiki page. It is known by many names in many places but is considered like a street food.

So if I had never heard of it, why did I decide to make it?

Well, if you head over to the fabulous Miss Kris Carr´s website and subscribe to the sneak peak for her new book, Crazy Sexy Kitchen, you will get a PDF of a few teaser recipes that will really knock your vegan socks off.

I mean, WOW.

So far, I have tried the artichoke aioli and of course, the farinata. Upon using some aioli for our lunches this week, my husband even took the time to write to me at work saying: I don´t know what kind of substitute cheese you put in my sandwich today, but it is super yummy! For a man to take the time to write an email to gush about a recipe, well, y´all KNOW it´s good!

But there was a slight problem with Kris´s farinata. It had 1/2 cup of oil.

Not to worry though – silken tofu came to the rescue. And it sure delivered. Seriously, this recipe is so easy and so delicious, you can make it in a snap and will keep everyone happy. I warned hubby that I will be making this often, as I have developed a slight obsession. He doesn´t seem to mind one bit.

Skinny farinata from Crazy Sexy Kitchen
1 1/2 C water
1/2 C silken tofu
1 t sea salt
Freshly ground black pepper, to taste
1 1/3 C chickpea flour
2 T chopped fresh rosemary (note: instead, I used 1 t dry thyme, which for some reason made the batter smell like KFC when eaten hot off the grill)

Add you water first, then the rest of the ingredients (except the fresh rosemary if using) and blend until smooth. If you are using fresh rosemary, add this last and pulse to combine.

Get your non-stick pan nice and hot. Spray with a little oil if you wish. Add a little bit less than a lapel of batter and swirl the pan to distribute.

Farinata batter

Farinata batter

Cook until the batter looks dry, then flip over.

Flipped farinata with nice, golden speckles

Flipped farinata with nice, golden speckles


That´s it! I served mine with a dollop of artichoke aioli (did I mention how awesome this recipe is? 🙂 ) and some fresh radish sprouts.

Farinata triangles with artichoke aioli and radish sprout

Farinata triangles with artichoke aioli and radish sprout

I reckon that these would make awesome amuse bouches.

Come to my belly!

Come to my belly!

Hope your Sunday was warm and cozy like mine!

Till next week,

Monique x

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