Curried nada-egg salad

Oh Em Gee.

I am so freaking excited to have finally received my copy of Crazy Sexy Kitchen by the fabulous Kris Carr! If you have no idea who Kris Carr is, get outta your cave and check her out!

Crazy Sexy Kitchen

Crazy Sexy Kitchen!

I have tried several recipes so far and they are all fantastic. If you love hosting dinner parties like me, this book is a definite must. The recipes are so crazy creative and visually beautiful. There are also everyday recipes too. Check out this video with my other favourite lady, Marie Forleo:

You can get the nada-egg salad recipe there as well. Here is my version:

Curried nada-egg salad

Curried nada-egg salad

This will be in our lunch box this week, along with CSK´s red lentil and coconut soup. I know, lucky us :-).

Enjoy your week!

Monique x

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