Food renaissance

Wow, has it really been half a year since the last post? Well my friends a lot has changed since then, food-wise – hence the silence. Earlier in the year, I began to feel the urge to include more raw foods into my diet. It wasn´t based on anything I had read, it was merely a craving. But I was totally turned off by the complication of raw foods – soak this for 24h, dehydrate this for 2 days, ferment this for 2 weeks – blah, blah, blah. It seemed daunting but I was still raw curious.

So I started searching for easy raw recipes, something that was so stupidly simple that did not require any special equipment. That is when I came across Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram´s Fully Raw You Tube channel. I loved her simple recipes and most of all, her infectious energy. This girl is glowing like a light bulb! I also came across Megan Elizabeth´s Easy to Be Raw channel as well, who has gorgeous, gorgeous recipes! Both ladies were talking about this 80-10-10 diet that they are on. It turns out that this diet was also being followed by uber endurance athlete, Michael Arnstein (a.k.a. The Frutarian), who I admire a great deal.

So what the heck is 80-10-10? Basically it is a low-fat, raw vegan diet that consists of 80% of your daily caloric intake from carbohydrates in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables (with an emphasis on fruit intake). The other 10% comes from fat (from whole foods) and 10% from protein.

So hubby and I set about gradually increasing our fresh fruit and vegetable intake, just to see what kind of results we could get in terms of our energy levels and overall well-being. We are currently doing low-fat raw vegan before 6, then a hot vegan meal at night. For me especially, the results have been amazing! Had I known that I would have experienced such benefits, I would have taken before and after pictures!

So what I have experienced so far on a high raw diet? Better skin, nails and hair for one thing. My once bone dry hands are now as smooth as a baby´s bottom. The skin on my face was visibly changing with all the fruit consumption (I kid you not! I was so shocked). My pores got tighter, blemished started fading away and a glow returned to my face. My gums have far less inflammation than the usual. I can poke my toothpick between my teeth without any effort at all. My energy levels have also gone though the roof. All of this on a high raw diet. I cannot even imagine what it would be like on a fully 80-10-10 diet!!!

As a result of this diet, our meals have become very, very simple, hence the reason why I was not blogging for the longest time. But who knows. If I continue on this raw path, I might fire up the old blog again (albeit under a new name) and chronicle my adventures. I´ll let you know.

For now, wishing you all the greatest wealth, which is good health!!!!

Monique x

Our fruit drawer

Our fruit drawer

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