Welcome to Fork Off, Heart Disease! I hope you enjoy your stay. I created FOHD because of my husband’s family history of cardivascular disease.  For as long as I have known him, he has always been concerned about his family’s predisposition. Although we were eating vegetarian for a number of years, my husband still enjoyed his occasional meat treat and dairy products.  About a year ago, I discovered that I was allergic to dairy products so we cut those out too. My husband didn’t mind the exclusion of dairy, but remained skeptical as to whether it was healthy to eat purely vegan. “After all, wasn’t veganism just for hippies and activists?”, he would say.

However, after watching the excellent “Forks over Knives”, he was so gobsmacked at what we learned that he changed his mind completely. Gone are the days of meat and dairy treats. We now eat a low-fat, whole foods vegan diet. I am learning how to cook without oil, which is a new culinary adventure for me.

On this site, I will be testing and creating recipes so I hope you gain some beneft from my kitchen experiments! In turn, I would love to hear about your experiences and any tips and wisdom you could pass along.

In health,


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